How to add an event to the calendar

Step 1) Finding the right Calendar

Step 2) Adding events from the homepage.

Locate the event calendar in the menu bar. Clicking the text will take you the the calendar, or click the down button to add an event directly from the homepage.

Adding events from the calendar.

Once on the calendar page, there is a green icon on the far right-hand side of the search bar. Click on that to add an event.

Step 3) Creating a free profile or logging in.

Step 4) Fill out the form.

Include as many links, and photos as possible, and be sure to click which categories your event falls into. Additional emails can be included if more than one person is editing information.

Step 5) Sharing your event URL!

Each event has its unique URL that can be shared to your Website, Email, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and any other platform. Help us promote your event and share it with all your friends.