Writing a new post

Step 1: Locating your Dashboard
Step 2: Starting a New Article
Step 3: Writing your article
Step 4: Choosing your Keywords
Step 5: Getting SEO Recommendations
Step 6: Making edits
Step 7: Finishing your article

Step 1)

Navigate to your Dashboard page. If you just logged into the site then this page should be the default page displayed, otherwise click the Dashboard link on the left side navigation.

The Dashboard is the hub for all your articles and progress status. From here you can





Step 2)

From the top navigation click on the New link with the plus next to it. A dropdown will appear with the option to select Post. 

Click Post and you will be taken to the Post Page.







Step 3) 

After the Post Page has loaded go ahead and input your article into the marked text boxes. Add your Article Title where it says “Add title” and the body of your article in the text field below it. Add any images to the article by clicking the button above the article text box marked “add media.”

After you have your article and images placed into the appropriate text fields, in the Semrush SEO Writing Assistant block on the right side of the page you will see a block to add your keywords. If you already have certain keywords you’d like to target for this article add them here by pasting them in the field and separating each keyword with a comma. Otherwise click the link above the box marked Extract from text

Step 4)

After clicking on the link marked Extract from text you will notice a list of keywords has appeared in the box. The site runs a quick report on potential keywords found within your article and selects the ones that best help with your SEO purposes. Take a moment to review this list of keywords and see if there are any you are not trying to target. You can remove any keywords you like by clicking the x next to each word.

After you have cultivated a list of keywords you are comfortable with click the Get recommendations button at the bottom of the Semrush SEO Writing Assistant block.


Step 5)

After clicking the Get recommendations button you may sit for a few minutes as the site is reviewing your article. Once the site is done reviewing your article it will give it an SEO score out of 10. The higher ranking the more easily your article will be picked up buy search engines.

There are 4 quadrants for the SEO Score.

  • Readability – How easy is your article to read?
  • SEO – Are the keywords used correctly and relevant?
  • Originality – Is this article and it’s message found on other search result?
  • Tone of Voice – Is the tone of voice in the article consistent or do you switch from active to passive?

As you make edits to your article you will notice that the chart will update automatically as you make changes. For recommendations on what edits to make simply look at the boxes below the chart for suggestions.

Step 6)

Below the chart you will find the Recommendations boxes. These boxes will walk you through some of the changes that you can make to your article that will improve the overall SEO. A box should appear for any of the 4 quadrants. Don’t panic if you don’t see a box for a certain topic. This simply means that the site has no recommendations based off it’s review.

This does not mean that it can’t be improved it means. It simply means that the site is unable to recommend any changes.










Step 7) 

Once you have finished your article edits and you are comfortable with where your SEO score is at it’s time to submit your article for review. Use the Publish Block on the right side of the site to submit for review. You do NOT need to change the status of the article. Simply click the Submit for Review button and our editors will review your article and progress it to the next steps.