Support for those behind the camera

Focus on networking

Mark your calendar to remember to attend FilmToledo, a gathering of business leaders and partners with the local film community to bolster Toledo’s regional non-profit film commission. With opportunities for networking, giveaways and supporting the local film scene, this fundraiser will be held at the Firefly, 20 N. St Clair St., downtown on Monday October 10 from 7 to 10 pm.

The  film mixer is modeled after gatherings in Cleveland hosted by the local film commission there. Michael DeSanto, Executive Director of FilmToledo explained that the event will begin with a  “short statement about the state of the {film} industry in the Toledo area and what projects are being worked on here.”

Film projects in Toledo are ongoing with some local filmmakers working on projects, which DeSanto estimates to be about a dozen or so per year, although the number varies. Most are micro projects, with limited budgets, like small or short films or documentaries.

However outside production companies do come to Toledo to shoot here for a day or two at a time. Most recently, in May, 2022, a crew came to Toledo for a day of filming for the upcoming Tom Hanks movie, A Man Called Otto. “Depending on the project,” DeSantos adds, “they may bring in all of the cast members with them, but we (FilmToledo) is often asked to locate crew and talent for the shoot. We can assist with finding extras.”  

Cooperating Commissions

The Man Called Otto shoot was done in Toledo based on a referral from the Cleveland Film Commission. “The local film commissions in the region promote each other and often can refer projects among us,” DeSantos added. 

The Toledo film scene is “a lot more active than it used to be” and the “local media have been very supportive of the film scene here, generally,” said DeSantos. Local businesses have the potential to rent out space for filming locations.  Many locals are surprised the filming is happening here and that their business can make money from it.  

Film Toledo continues to reach out to the University of Toledo, Bowling Green State University and Owens Community College to push for more film based education and to teach willing students how to work on a set, how to get involved with a film-based union, etc.   

Awareness of the local activity is the primary goal of the local film commission. FilmToledo has expanded its organization — bringing on more staff,  working with the City to bring more film and economic activity here.  FilmToledo provides a contact base for all things film related in Toledo, and they look forward to seeing film fans, on any level, to their upcoming gathering at the Firefly, 20 N. St Clair St., Monday October 10 from 7 to 10 pm.

Donations are appreciated but not required to attend. VIP booth seating for up to 4 guests $150.