Filmmakers have until Oct. 14 to submit to the Ann Arbor Film Festival 

The Ann Arbor Film Festival (AAFF) has extended their call for entries to Oct. 14. The deadline was previously Sept. 30. This extension offers more filmmakers the opportunity to submit their work to the festival.

On March 21- 26, 2023, the 61st Ann Arbor Film Festival will take place. The AAFF is the oldest independent and experimental film festival in North America after being founded in 1963.

“We see such a high amount of creativity come through the doors during our call for entries period. We are honored to continue providing a platform to share the best film art,” Festival Director Leslie Raymond said in a press release. 

Since July 1, over 2,300 films have been submitted to the film festival. Over half of the  2,300 films have been from 87 countries outside the United States. There have been over 25 films each from the United Kingdom, Canada, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Iran, France, China, Belgium, Austria, Japan, Australia, Italy and India.

About 100-150 shorts and features will be selected from exhibition in the competition portion of the festival.

The AAFF’s Pay Artists initiative which started in March, 2021, allows all accepted filmmakers to be paid for their shown work.. 

Prestige and approximately $23,000 in cash and in-kind prizes will be distributed to award winners.

The Terri Schwartz Film Award for Satire and Parody and the Terri Schwartz Asian Film Award will be new to the festival in 2023.  

The fee to submit is $60 for shorts and $70 for features. More information about submitting to the Ann Arbor Film Festival can be found on their website