Art at The Michigan Art Gallery

Art anyone?

For those interested in art, and the history behind it, The Michigan Art Gallery may have something for you.

The Michigan Art gallery at Schmidt’s Antiques Inc, is hosting the James C. Harrison Introspections art show.

Located on 5138 West Michigan Avenue in Ypsilanti Michigan, The Harrison Exhibit will be celebration of James C. Harrisons life and art reputation.

Born on November 27th, 1925, in Detroit, Michigan Harrison, graduated from Cass tech high school earning his commercial art degree. He later went on to Cranbrook Academy of art and Olivet College. 

But following his passion he left for New York City in 1950. By this time, he had discovered his own art style and began to share his work with the art community. Going into the 80’s and 90’s his art became more known to the public and his talent was revealed to the masses!

Something unique to Harrison is that over time he would go back and reassess his art. Looking back art lovers are able to go back and see bits and pieces of the late Harrisons personality and critiques he made to his work.

 Some of these pieces will include “When mars is Over Head and Uranus Below”, and “Shepard of Sapphire”, “What a Mask Goes Through”, “Nu Babe on the Horizon”, “ Artemis”, “ Door Keepers”, “ Blessed Passage”  “ Out of cage/ Grave”, “ Hanged Man”, “ Reworked Window” and  so many more to enjoy.

Harrisons work also grabbed the attention of influence people that he was given the opportunity to call friends such as James Baldwin, Cy Twombly and Robert Rauschenberg.

Harrison passed on November 10th, 1990.

To learn more about Harrison and his story through his art visit their site.

Come enjoy the art exhibit on Saturdays from 9am-5pm until the end of September.