5 Tips on Safely Consuming Cannabis to Avoid Getting Sick

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New COVID variants are beginning to fill the news, and colds and the flu are off to a particularly nasty start this year. It’s unfortunately obvious that the risk of contracting the virus is still very much a reality and affecting many people’s choices or opportunities. 

Ways to unwind and relax with friends safely are necessary for so many people’s mental and social health, but how can you consume cannabis with friends safely without getting sick?

It’s normal to want to share with your friends

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An important part of cannabis culture is to share. When you find someone who also enjoys smoking a joint or eating an edible, it’s natural to want to share something you are mutually excited about. That’s just human nature. 

According to attorney Keith Stroup, founder of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, this is particularly true amongst cannabis consumers because of how harshly the government treated weed usage for so long. In an Los Angeles Times article, he said that rather than discouraging it, the marijuana prohibition led to a greater formation of the marijuana smoking community.

Consuming cannabis is really the same as every other social activity.

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Follow the same guidelines that we are all familiar with: keep your activity to a small group, be aware of your participants’ status (whether you care about having everyone take a rapid, be vaxxed-only, or have a safety chat about exposures), stay outside, keep 6 feet apart, wear good masks.

Bring your own supplies

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Sharing things you’ve put your mouth on is a great way to share germs. Bring your own joints, bongs, etc.

Bring easy-to-share products, like THC drinks or edibles rather than combustibles


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Lean into the generous culture of sharing weed products while still being safe by bringing products that were designed to be consumed by someone individually, or can be easily split up. 

Happi is a Michigan cannabis-infused seltzer, and edibles are easy to share. 

Cleaning products can minimize risk–but not really

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Certainly, wiping down shared mouthpieces with alcohol wipes will help minimize germs. But if you’re standing within 6 feet of someone, you’re already exposed to any aerosol viruses.

Sanitizing mouthpieces can minimize exposure but will by no means reduce it, and–depending on your circumstances (outside, distance, etc)–won’t make a difference.

For folks who are still concerned about minimizing their risk to COVID or other viruses, there are still ways to enjoy cannabis with your friends while being safe! Determining the risk factors you feel comfortable with will give you a solid starting point to being social with them once again.